Education Equipment Informatization Project for X City

Project Introduction
Through establishing a set of convenient, fastand smooth education equipment information collection and distributionchannels, the X city education equipment informatization project providesservices beneficial for school management and education. Overall managementlevel will also be enhanced as the project is able to provide a wide range ofinformation services conducive to management and decision-making, realizing theexchange and sharing of education resource, and offering reliable educationinformation in a timely manner for administrative department of all levels.This project's construction includes thefollowing subsystem: The informatization segment is conducted for nearly onehundred primary and secondary schools in 13 regions, villages and towns underthe jurisdiction of the county, which entails the installation of 1,335 sets ofmultimedia system equipment with "Class Access to ICTs" and 92 setsof multimedia equipment for virtual network classroom system, and as well asthe construction of the infrastructure of a machine room for the metropolitanarea education network and the installation of one set of related coreequipment.

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